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Restoring your role as “Counselor at Law” by helping you drive more value to your clients.

Profit First for Lawyers™ is dedicated to restoring the concept of “Counselor at Law” to the business of law. 

We give you, the attorney, the counselor, everything you need to help deepen and broaden your relationships with your current, former, and future clients. 

As a Profit First Certified Lawyer™ , you will help your clients become more “profitable people,” in every sense of the word. And, because being a successful Profit First Certified Lawyer means you lead by example, you will become a more profitable attorney, as well!

Profit First for Lawyers is a smart addition to your business, yes. But it is also a movement of lawyers who have figured out there is a better way! Better for you, better for your clients, better for the profession! 

How it Works
You become more profitable almost immediately

Profit First for Lawyers trains law firms in just a few days how to help their clients become more profitable in business and life, while also improving your own business (by practicing what you preach.) Profit First for Lawyers provides everything that you need to open, market and deliver this new practice area. Upon successfully completing the training, you become a Profit First Certified Lawyer (and/or Law Firm), and can immediately begin to onboard your clients, former clients, and new clients into the “PFL” System.

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Long-time legal technology and business leader Christopher T. Anderson has teamed up with Rjon Robins, who has helped thousands of lawyers achieve success, and helped dozens of solo law firm owners build multi-million dollar law firms to bring you Profit First for Lawyers, the book.

This book will explain everything you need to know to implement Profit First into your law firm, but then goes much, much farther. As Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we also have the opportunities, tools and skills to help our clients improve their lives and businesses with these same principles … and add an entirely new practice area to our business at the same time.

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